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Our expert stylists will ship you swimsuit options based on your personal style profile.
For the first time, 
get a swimsuit that really fits with Suitcase. Size 0 to 18, A to E cup.

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Friends at the Beach

No Subscriptions.

You tell us your budget, style, and size. For a small styling fee of $20, we ship the entire box to you to try on in the comfort of your home. No subscriptions, just pay for what you keep.

Keep 3 items & the styling fee is waived.

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Free Shipping!

No hidden fees, free shipping, and absolutely no price surprises. Need to try a different size? We will even exchange a case free of charge.

Order pre-vacation or when the mood strikes. We are here for you year-round.

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Try on at home.

Keep only what you love and simply return the rest.

You have 5 days to try on in the comfort of your home. Discover swimwear that actually fits and meets your lifestyle needs. Dare we say, it might even be fun?


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"Simply the easiest way to find a great fittin swimsuit"

​"A fun, family trip called for a few group shots. Our fit experts pulled together fun looks that worked on all our body types!"

"I think Cassie had done this before! Each suit was a perfect fit, which has never before been said when trying on swimwear"

"The process was so slick. I reviewed the first picks, gave my feedback and when the box came each style was spot-on."

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Questions? Ask away at

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